Chakra Workshop

To be Announced



Elevate Your Radiant Body

An Experiential Workshop

Introducing the 7 major




Through the Senses, Breath, Meditation, Body Movement, and More…

Our aim is to introduce to you an ancient knowledge that resides within your body and are associated with you physical, emotional, and spiritual wellbeing  and evolution. We will provide much information to help you  identify, activate, and balance your personal Chakra’s so as to better align yourselves for optimum health in all areas of your life.

Chakra are our history and after this workshop, you will have tools to understand your personal history which can change your future. Through our research of many international resources, personal interviews, and life’s experiences we have compiled for you workable techniques so as to bring balance and harmony to your daily walk through life, and a life time of fruitful change.

Krista and Jill have brought together two lifetimes of personal experience and study; emphasizing techniques that empower mental, emotional, physical and spiritual selves.