Reiki Classes

Classes are small and personal. Please call or email Rev. Krista J Thompson for class dates, times, and location. 
Revkjt@    541-621-2884

There are three degrees of Reiki which are taught in successive levels.

REIKI I –      $100.00*

Learn the history and healing energy of Reiki. This level works with the physical body and self-healing.


REIKI II –      $100.00*

Deepen your Reiki knowledge and energy flow with the use of 3 Sacred Reiki Symbols, which are the essence & formula of Reiki. Learn to perform long distance & absentee healings. This level focuses on the emotional and mental aspects of healing.


REIKI III –      $125.00*

This is an in depth class touching the SOUL level. You will learn 2 additional Sacred Symbols used in healing and in passing the Reiki energy on to others. This is the MASTER LEVEL. You become THE TEACHER.

Embrace The Ancient Practice
of Energy Healing

To register email or call 541-621-2884